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Welcome to Tell-It, where members have the opportunity to share and reflect about their latest travels across the globe. Whether it's a memorable tour in which you learnt something new, or a great chill-out away from work, this is your chance to share your story!


Tell It was founded by [founder] who became overwhelmed and exhausted by his past experiences in using existing travelling and travel advisor sites to post his feedback on various countries he'd visited. He often found the feedback and comments sections quite limited.

What he long hoped for was a space where there was no limits set on how far back his last travel was, or what the whole purpose of the trip was about. Furthermore, [user] also wanted the chance to type a story in a different fashion to what the other sites allowed for; a story where he was able to elaborate, with the use of more colourful language, to inspire readers in a different fashion.

This is how Tell It was revolutionised. [User] began the site with stories posted by himself and a few of his other mates, along with a set of images per story. User] states the choice of name for the site came about after experiences of travelling or going on camps away from his family, and then eventually coming home to hear the words, "...tell it" from his parents at dinner time, especially when he was reluctant at first since he found he had so much to discuss.
Spreading word of his invention through social media, Tell it soon grew into a bigger community with more and more passionate travellers signing up.

Today, Tell It has over 10,000 users who all have a huge passion to share an endless list of experiences through creative writing and photography.