Can my uploads have identical names?

No. We believe that to better distinguish one's experiences, a new and different name should be considered. If you're posting a video and image upload for one trip, please title one or the other with the words images or video.

Once I upload a story, can images and texts be edited and/or removed afterwards?

Yes and no. Paragraphs may be altered once a story has been uploaded. Images and videos, however cannot once an upload has been made. If you discover a mistake with any media uploaded in your post, the story will need to be removed, and reuploaded completely. Please ensure you review and edit your paragraph and media content before uploading.

Can my story have the same title to another user's?

Yes. Tell It has no policy over identical names to uploads. We do not believe a user should be prevented from any name choices of their adventures.

If I delete a story, will it be also deleted from other users' Liked Stories list?

Once a story is deleted, all records of that story within the site, including on other users' Liked Stories list, will be removed.
Please note, other users will not be notified of a story deletion.

What is the maximum amount of media I can upload to my story?

Each upload is limit to a maximum of ten images or one video. Posts do not allow the upload of both or more than one video.

Can I upload a story with images and videos?

No. Unfortnately, due to the capacity we've set, an upload can only consist of either one video or a set of no more than ten images. If you desire to show both a video and a set of images for trip, you can upload another post with a title that includes video. Please ensure a different name is given to this upload.

Please do not hestitate to email us should there be any further questions, inquiries or complaints you wish to make.