Travelling to NT in 2016 was influenced by a desire to see a different part of Australia. I had experienced many trips, and school camps to various Victorian regions, such as the Grampians, Gippslands and the Victorian Alps. So, I was already well aware of the state's vegetation and wildlife. So I said to myself.... it's about time!

Indeed, what I found, stepping off my tour bus, was this ginormous region of flat desert with plenty of flaming red sand dunes here and there. Despite there being no sightings of red kangaroos hopping about, which is something I hoped to encounter, I began to experience a feeling I had never before experienced. I started to become more aware of the scale of the continent I was residing in. My mind travelled to all those indigenous residents who, still to this day, reside in and feel such a connection to their environment. I really could feel the power of the beauty that was surrounding me. The smells of the sand and the breeze blowing in my ears; all these gave me a different feeling, which really seemed so much more natural. Natural, in a way that cannot be achieved if you are surrounded by high walls from houses, only a few meters away, blocking out so much natural sounds.

And then there was the magnificent rock itself - Uluru, at the heart of Australia! The inside of me just suddenly let go of all the troubles involved in my current life that I could think of at the back of my mind! I suddenly just felt so settled and so peaceful. I really felt myself smiling; smiling in amazement at the site of the landmark, but really smiling because I felt refreshed.


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